Moments like short breaths; quick dreamlike flashes triumphantly crossing the gloom of melancholy. Even in the sadness that is caused by remembering a person or a story from the past, the pulse of life still beats.

Moments like these are depicted by Vassilis Dimitros, in his 13 medium-sized paintings.

In his fourth exhibition, entitled “Winter”, we see people who dare to daydream because they know that even the colorless moments of everyday life have their own importance. We are identified with images and forms that remind us of life itself, just as it is: utterly authentic, without beautifying interventions, with its dark transitions—which, however, always coexist with flashes of personal revival.

Vassilis Dimitros’ paintings remind us of how vain it is to struggle to get to the picture of happiness as we imagine it in our minds; and how pointless the beauty of spring would have been if there was no Winter.



“Winter” by Vassilis Dimitros
Solo painting exhibition, 13 medium-sized paintings, acrylic on canvas


December 16th – 29th
Opening December 16th, 20:00

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