With his third exhibition Vassilis Dimitros resurfaces in the urban artistic scene. With 12 medium sized paintings, he presents his own personal reading of the involuntary and lonely coexistence of modern urban people.

As the bodies randomly intersect in a common and totally isolated daily routine, the human sight stops at nowhere. Sometimes thought, through the populated crowd, our eyes may focus on a face, transforming “far” into “close”, lighting a spark for the artist to create his own artistic stories, imagining the personality, the thoughts and feelings that drive theses people’s lives. This year’s portraits, made by Vassilis Dimitros, are a depiction of that sight on the faces of the urban scenery. Each one a glance “inside”, an invitation for the viewer to form his own narration through his own personal view.

The exhibition entitled “Distances” will be held at Bartesera (25th Kolokotroni, Athens) from April 1st through the 18th. It consists of acrylic on canvas paintings, mainly of portraits, varying from 35x50cm up to 80×100.


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